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Children's literature is very different from the adult. However, she still has a clear gradation of age. Children's authors know exactly what the child will read their work. Can he understand the reality and unreality. It does not arise if he had any fear or psychological problems after reading. Choosing a book for your child's age recommendations carefully look. Not guessing the age, in the best case, the child does not understand the content. In the worst - it can be difficult to go through the story for a long time to give up reading. Books for adults, too, have a graduation, but this is no longer the age and personal preferences. Call it literary genres. In the world there are ardent fans of detective direction, and they are skeptical about the fans love poetry or fantasy. But do not judge others. Each draws from the book he needed only emotions. On the basis of it is subconscious emotional needs comes the choice of a literary movement. You can read about the adventures when you're bored, love, feelings for a spouse when cooled. Reading allows you to return to the lives lost emotions, add those to experience quite difficult in everyday life.

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